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She's young... hot... and naughty... Lucy, a rebellious teenager whose cravings for sex disillusions her religious sister Grace. The gap between the two widen when Lucy's involvement with a drug pusher is discovered by Grace. Lucy vows not to give in to her sister's overprotectiveness... until she finds an ultimate secret that will change her life. 

Directed by Armando A. Reyes.

• Trina Shields
• Kristina Kasten
• Melissa Mendez
• Tracy Vergel
• Bobby Benitez
 • Nixon Cruz
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Nobyembre 10, 2012 nang 11:23 PM

paano play

Disyembre 7, 2012 nang 8:17 AM

if it is from kardong pusa it must be not good...

Hunyo 29, 2016 nang 6:16 AM


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