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watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Booking
Gagawin ang lahat para sumikat. 

Kahit sariling katawan ang kabayaran, gagawin para matupad lamang ang hangad.

 Hanggang saan ang kayang gawin kung ikaw ay alipin ng pag-ibig? 

Tikman... pasukin... subukan... kaya mo bang tumagal sa mundo ng pelikula? Handa ka na bang magpa-Booking? 

Directed by Joven M. Tan 

 Marco Morales
Emilio Garcia
Mercedes Cabral
Anita Linda
Snooky Serna
Charles Delgado

Langit mo kaligayahan ko

watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Langit mo kaligayahan ko
This sensual drama depicts the story of an inseparable couple trying to cope with the obstacles in life. 

Directed by Vincent NiƱo


Aliya Mortel
Allen Dizon
Yani Garcia
Raja Montero
Mark Dionisio
Francis Enriquez

Roses and Lollipops

watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Roses and Lollipops
When Judith (Kuhdet Honasan) fell deeply in-love with one of their house helpers, she decided to leave all the extravagant living she had, not knowing that this will be the start of her misery and sufferings in the hand of her lover. 

In order to survive, she became a bar dancer and exploited her flesh just to earn a living. Trying to redeem herself, she met Limweng (Kat de Santos), a rural girl who have a simple ambition in life. 

They both worked in club and became close friends. Tension arises when Judith confesses her true sexuality. 

Roses and Lollipops, a place of self-discovery and self-realization in unveiling the characters concealed identities. 

• Kat de Santos
• Kuhdet Honasan
• Jon Romano
• Mark Dionisio
• Clark Concepcion


watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Photoshoot
Ito ay isang kwento ng photo shoot sa isang lumang bahay na pag-aari ng isang biyuda.

Inalok ng photo shoot director ang magandang biyuda na gamitin ang kanyang bahay para sa kanilang photo shoot.

Ngunit lingid sa kaalaman ng direktor ito ay nababalot sa misteryo at kahiwagaan.

Dahil sa tanging ganda at alindog ng biyuda, naakit ang photographer dito.

Mula sa kanyang pagnanasa, nauwi ito sa isang mainit na relasyon kasama ang may-ari ang bahay.

Subalit, hindi lamang ang lumang bahay ang bahay ang may tinatagong sikreto.

Panoorin ang mga kaganapan sa Photoshoot.

Directed by Don Romantico

Tracy Torres
Anna Scott
Martin Scott
Jean Andrews
Tania Morales

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Sexy footages from pinoy movie volume 1

watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Sexy footages from pinoy movie volume 1
A collection of never-been-seen cuts from recent & vintage pinoy films!

Ynez Veneracion
Katrina Paula
Allona Amor
Gem Castillo
Camille Roxas
Karla Estrada

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watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Eskandalo
Matagil na kinikimkim ni Benny (Emilio Garcia) ang kanyang kagustuhan na pumatol sa kapwa niya lalaki dahil na rin sa sobrang pagkahigpit ng kanyang mga maghulang na kapwa tinitingala sa lipunan.

Ngunit nang makilala ni Benny si Lance (Andrew Schimmer) tuluyan na niyang pinakawalan ang kanyang damdamin.

Ang inaasahan niyang isang magandang karanasan ay naging simula ng isang madilim na bangungot.

Inaya ni Lance si Benny sa isang pagkakataon kung saan ay sapilitang ipinasok ni Lance sa puwitan ni Benny ang isang marker at pagkatapos ay kinunan niya ang prosesong ito sa kanyang cellphone at ikinalat pa sa youtube.

Pinag-usapan ang pangyayaring ito na kahalintulad ng isang eskandalong nangyari kamakailan sa isang ospital sa isang malayong probinsiya.

Dahil sa eskandalong ito, nagulo ang dating tahimik na buhay ni Benny.

Naapektuhan ang kanyang pagtuturo at pakikisama sa kanyang mga magulang.

Directed by Joven Tan
Emilio Garcia
Andrew Schimmer
Snooky Serna
Lui Manansala
Pocholo Montes

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watch Rigodon filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Day break and centerfold - 2 in 1
Can we truly know another person, close as we might become? Secret lives, hidden passions, deceit, betrayal and vengeance are revealed in a dizzying dance of a peeping eye. We follow the life of Sarah, who has been left by her boyfriend after he was threatened by her domineering father. Drifting, in despair, she meets Riki, a former teen star now hosting a home tv shopping show. Casual friendship turns deeper as Sarah feels herself being drawn closer to Riki, who actively pursues her. Until she gives herself one passionate night. The next morning, we shift our voyeur’s view and follow Riki as he makes his way to his house...and his wife, Regine. Here we get to know the real Riki as he tries to juggle his incredibly complicated life, dealing with loan sharks, his boss, his still-smoldering ambition to regain his stardom, his girl Sarah, his wife Regine, and still another ex-wife, Pearl. Secrets he tries to keep, specially from Regine. So then we follow Regine, as she struggles with raising their two children while managing her bipolar disorder and growing suspicion, frustration, and rage at her shadowy husband. Then Regine discovers Pearl and the sick son that is the counterpart to their own girl and finds that her paranoia has become a bitter reality. She confronts Riki. Riki realizes that of all of them, Regine is the one he is terrified of losing, for Regine is the only one he truly loves. He resolves to do better by her, but being the duplicitous person that he is, cannot bring himself to cut clean and instead starts avoiding Sarah. And when Sarah, puzzled and hurt by Riki’s evasiveness, discovers the truth, this leads to Regine discovering more devastating, soul-crushing truths about her husband. As Riki’s convoluted world unravels around him, these two troubled women’s murderous rage leads to a shattering finale.


watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Sisid
Directed by Joey Romero

Assunta de Rossi
Raymond Bagatsing
Rodel Velayo
Karra Kristel
Karen Montelibano
Rosalinda Rosal

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watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Hubog
Philippines' most Seductive Actress. At her BEST! Best Actress - 2001 Metro Manila Film Festival Vanessa (Assunta De Rossi) is a young woman whose dire domestic circumstances with her autistic teenaged sister, Nika (Alessandra De Rossi), begin to get more desperate when she gets laid off from a casual department store attendant job. Caught up as well in a tempestuous relationship with Oliver (Wendell Ramos), her reckless cab driver boyfriend who moonlights as a petty crook, her fortunes take on further bad turns as the guy lands in jail for a botched cab hold-up attempt on a plainclothes cop. Luck eventually runs out on Vanessa when the hovel she shares with Nika gets its roof blown off by a storm that renders them homeless. Enter Uno (Jay Manalo), a ruthless henchman neighbor working for a union-busting boss, and who welcomes Vanessa and Nika to his home. In her willingness to repay Uno's 'kindness', she later yields to his advances to become his convenient plaything and laundrywoman. When Oliver pops up on the scene anew quite unexpectedly, after surviving a failed salvage attempt on him by crooked cops, and renew ties with Vanessa, the romance picks up where it left off. Much to the chagrin of Uno. There begins a perilous triangle of sex on the sly, deceit and betrayal that pretty soon configure a vertiginous whirl of grim consequences. The portents of doom get laid. Circling pirouttes round a deadly matrix of extreme agony and ecstasy.

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watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Pantasya

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Kerida
Things are not what they seem to be in this extraordinary scheme of things between a private eye, a kept woman, a philandering politician, and his suspecting wife. When Mr. Private Eye falls for the charms of Ms. Kept Woman, what's supposed to be an air - tight case begins to go haywire. 

Aleck Bovick
Elizabeth Oropesa
Gardo Versoza
Via Veloso
Ricardo Cepeda
Maricar Fernandez

Mga mumunting lihim

watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Mga mumunting lihim
The death of Mariel (JUDY ANN SANTOS) was met with such hurt by her three closest friends. But it was her best friend, Carla (IZA CALZADO) that she leaves a most special gift, a box full of her diaries through the years. Carla has been Mariel’s friend since their high school years; they have practically shared everything in their lives together. Their two other girl friends, Sandra (AGOT ISIDRO) and Olive (JANICE DE BELEN) formed the quartet who would get together ever so often and served as a mutual support system. Despite warnings from Sandra and Olive not to read the diaries left behind by Mariel, Carla could not help herself to find out what was written on those volumes of handwritten materials. True enough, what she discovered completely shattered all her perceptions and beliefs of the friendship shared by the four women through the years. Inside those diaries were all the little secrets that the women kept from one another---all the hidden emotions, stories and comments that made their lives a sham. Death should be a closure but it could also be a terrible beginning and realization of what was hidden by the living.