Kaaway hanggang hukay

watch filipino bold movies pinoy tagalog Kaaway hanggang hukay
AFP Col. Baltazar Soriano (Philip Salvador) cannot understand why, his close buddy and classmate at the PMA Carlos Ricarte (Edu Manzano) should turn to become his bitter enemy, seeking to destroy him. After facing ambush attempts and confrontational gun fights with him, Bal visits retired army general Ricarte (Bob Soler) to help him understand his buddy’s behavior. What he learns from Carlos’s father and what transpires after that complicates the story. Baltazar is called by Lt. Col. George Montoya (Robert Arevalo) for two assignments: to neutralize Carlos who has become a top assassin for hire; and to take charge, with his partner Lt. Barbara Veloso (Ina Raymundo) of the security for the visiting prime minister from Singapore. Unknown to Baltazar however, Col. Montoya and his politician brother also commission Carlos to carry out certain orders, following their own agenda.
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