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Rich, beautiful and in love, Lance and Lyra are an ideal couple. The end of their blissful marriage begings when Lance, by accident, met Jill. Ultra modern and extremely aggressive, Jill pursues Lance and she succeeds in no time. What was a one-night stand turns out to be an affair as Jill finds herself craving for more. Lance, despite his guilt, is drawn to the heat of the affair, and their sexual adventures become even more daring. But no secret can be kept forever. Lyra discovers their affair without their knowledge. Unlike most wronged wives, Lyra chooses to keep her rage, pretending that nothing is wrong. Yet, despite her silence, the love triangle distorts their perspective and ultimately, it leads to a tragic death. 
Directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes 
Richard Gomez 
Joyce Jimenez 
Pops Fernandez
Giselle Sanchez
Ali Sotto Lito
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