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Elen and Dave are a happy couple, but their relationship is tested when Helens younger sister comes into the picture. Helens family is under threat from being torn apart as the two sisters fight for the affections of a single man, and Helen herself is put to the test when faced with the temptation of a man she once loved.

Ate starts out promisingly, with a good look and a decent concept. Unfortunately, not a lot is done with those elements, and what could have a hot little drama turns out to be a pretty tepid affair. Helen and Dave are happily married, and are living in a house with Helen’s younger sister, Cleo, and her grandfather. Helen and Dave are having trouble conceiving a child, and it adds pressure to their marriage. Meanwhile, Cleo is suffering under the watchful eye of Helen, and it leads her to rebel. This leads Dave and Cleo to find solace in each other’s company. Helen, on the other hand, is contemplating the advances of an ex-boyfriend. As their family falls apart, each of them find themselves faced with impossible choices.
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