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My Cactus Heart is Matteo Guidicelli's first starring film, so you know what to expect right? Fans of Maja Salvador, Matteo Guidicelli, or the Kapamilya romantic tandem itself will definitely love this first of many romantic films that Star Cinema will offer this year. Well as for the story it is an averagely themed one. A similarly themed Star Cinema romantic comedy film will also be released this year, and this is why I can say that Star Cinema is somehow deviating from the known and cliche-d concepts. In a way this is good. Well, it is way better than a "rich boy falling in love with a poor girl love story" variant, right? Besides a lighter tone and a more younger cast, the My Cactus Heart trailer uses more contemporary themes with the use of Twitter related concepts like hash tags and trending statements which is obviously is part of the film's marketing strategy and to make its target audience relate to the story. Besides the very obvious, the trailer has a decent mix of humor (mostly slapstick) and does a good job not spoiling the entire film. Spoiling the film will obviously be the death of this film, so at least they got it correct with that. A film directly marketed to a more younger ABS CBN (Kapamilya) teenage audience, and this is why this film will work.. for them that is. Why fix something that is not even broken right? If there is something that I have realized in my time as a film enthusiast is to never underestimate the teenage movie crowd. Twilight became this immensely popular to teenage girls right?

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