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Nobody wants to die after surviving a struggle right? Greatly similar to the pinoy horror film Sundo, Romano is a recent victim from his military work and he was able to surpass an accident that almost kills him. After the incident he them return home to Baguio to live in peace. However, the usual was changed after the visit of Louella and render peace match because of some family conflicts in the past. Her offer was to help Roman’s sister Isabel to out casted from her blindness.

After for the sake of her sister, Romano go with Louella to Manila, however, the climax of the story evolve when Romano senses that they will meet an accident. As they ask help from the local necromancer it was stated to them that the ghosts that he used to see is their “sundo” now they are after for their survival.

It was a perfect chasing game as they pursue for something that is very important for them, their life. A Tagalog horror film creation that will surely give you the best admiration for Pinoy horror movies. So hold your breath with the out breaking shocks and shouts in the movie.
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Hulyo 1, 2013 nang 8:57 PM

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